Rana May’s deadpan delivery, absurdism, and fascination with science make her comedy stand out like a shoe on a pizza. Rana was persuaded to try stand up comedy after doing “informational speeches” at backyard barbeques and in basements for a year or two. Her background is in social work, dog rescue, and used book stores, where deadpan is considered a strength.

Rana has been featured locally in the City Pages, Star Tribune, Minnesota Daily, MPR, and was picked as one of five comics to watch in 2016 by Growler Magazine. You can see her performing all over the Twin Cities producing and hosting PSSY CTRL or MRDR ROOM. She’s opened for Maria Bamford, Kyle Kinane, Jonah Ray, Mary Mack, Neil Hamburger, David Bazan, and way more musicians and comedians.

Rana is the winner of the House of Comedy’s Funniest Person with a Day Job Contest and has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Crom Comedy Festival, Chicago Comedy Exposition, All Jane Festival, Memphis Comedy Festival, 10,000 Laughs and others.